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Q: What is the main difference between Chinese medicine and western medicine?

A: Chinese medicine is more likely to treat the causes of the illness rather than just the symptoms and it is gentle and safer than western medicine.

Q: How does the Chinese medicine doctor make a diagnosis?

A: The diagnostic methods of Traditional Chinese medicine include the four techniques of diagnosis. The four techniques are: Asking, Listening, Looking, and Touching. A Chinese doctor will gather diagnostic information from a patient mainly using these four techniques.

Q: What about the needles used?

A: We use single-use pre-sterilised disposable needles, which are disposed of immediately after use.


Q: Is the treatment safe?

A: With fully qualified and experienced Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner the treatment is very safe. There have been some surveys in the past years which have shown that acupuncture is amongst the safest therapies in use in the UK today. Chinese medicine has been tested for thousands of years and is extremely safe when you strictly follow the correct methodology.

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