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I would like to add my comments on one very remarkable person Dr.Limin Zhu. When I first went to see Dr. Zhu I felt my whole system was shutting down, and I felt very ill indeed, my surgeon wanted to do further surgery on my colon( I had an abdominal rectopexy after my colon intersucepted into my rectum after having gynae surgery)As a last desperate measure I looked in the Yellow pages and picked out Dr. limin Zhu.Seeing her was one of the best moves/phone-calls that I have made in my life,she identified the bowel problem,and treated it ,built my immune system up-I used to get chest infections a few times a year,which is now a thing of the past,I continue to have top up treatments, when I need it. Limin has become a dear friend with her understanding and professional expertise, and I value her ,and her skills greatly. Swansea is indeed lucky to have a person with such remarkable skills and understanding,and I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation. Along side conventional medicine this is ,I feel the way foreword, and should be available on the National health, I am one of the lucky people who can afford treatment, and I feel this should be available to everyone. I know some doctors do acupunture,but allthough very helpful, is limited through the skill base they have of acupunture. I wish to add, that you do have to be carefull to ensure that if you do go down the route of Chinese medicine it is with a person with Dr.Zhu`s qaulifications and calibre.

Elizabeth Jones, Gorseinon

Dr. Zhu has treated me and my family for several years. She is an extraordinary woman who combines a brilliant intellect with the gentleness of a butterfly. My two children are both adopted from China. the youngest was already five, with a very low immune system and seriously malnourished when I got her. Thanks to Dr. Zhu's excellent treatment both children now have very strong immune systems and have received certificates of attendance at school due to the fact that they are never ill. I would like to thank Limin for her kindness to my family and for her deep commitment to all her patients. Swansea is blessed to have this talented woman.

Quinne Jefferson, Swansea

March last year I went into hospital due to an infection from my polocystic ovaries, I was later told by the doctors that both my fallaoin tubes are damaged and i suffer from irregular cycle my chances of conceiving is very slim maybe impossible. I was very weak and very upset by this, my mother went to Dr Zhu on a regular basis and asked me to go along. When i did, she treated my infection which took 2-3 months using accupunture as well as using chinese medicine. After that,she treated me for my complications of conceiving. She said that one of tubes were damaged with the other one i should have chance. I had 4 regular cycles from June to November after that i didnt get a cycle and i was confused. I wasnt feeling well either as i work long hours so i thought it was that what caused the delay, but by January i had the most obvious syptoms. My husband did ask me to get it checked out but i refused and was scared of the results, especically after what the doctors told me in March '07. By Feburary '08, i finally did the test at home after speaking to my friend and my sister, IT WAS POSITIVE!! I went to the doctors and they were baffled too. I just couldnt wait to break the good news to Dr Zhu. I am now 15 weeks pregnant and im still shocked with the news, Dr Shu looked after me until I was 13 weeks to ensure everything is fine. In this column I just wanted to say thank you to Dr Zhu for all the help and chats we have had to make me stay positive. I am due in September and i can not wait to show her my baby. Thank you.

Christine , Cardiff

Dr Limin Zhu is a very capable lady in accupunture and other things, she has treated myself & my Husband with our complaints very successfuly, we think very highly of her,that swansea should honour Dr Zhu in some way for her good work to others, this is not the first time she has had a write-up in the evening-post for her help and dedication to people all over the world.

Wilhelmina June Abrahams, Swansea


My sister had received acupuncture for a back injury many years ago with resounding success, so, when my shoulder muscle became hard, fibrosed and extremely painful - extending down my left arm, with no relief from conventional medicine, I took the same route.

My chiropractor recommended Dr Zhu. Before making the appointment, I mentioned Dr Zhu to a few friends, Everybody had heard of her. Everybody! Nobody had a bad word to say about her. Everybody had read about her in various publications. Many had been treated by her and all with resounding success.

Now, I am open minded. I believe in the power of Reiki, therapeutic massage, aura cleansing etc and have tried many of them. With some success. But how could the mere placing of needles along my meridian lines actually help with this now almost chronic problem that demanded painkillers every four hours? Painkillers that would normally render me bed bound with drowsiness weren't even helping ease the pain.

I made an appointment before Christmas 2008.

Dr Zhu met me at her Walters Road Clinic of Chinese Medicine. I'd already read the testimonials in the waiting area and was not surprised that they were all so positive. The most positive thing there though was Dr Zhu herself.

She took my pulse, checked my tongue (as a nurse I already new these to be very effective ways of gauging a persons general health) and asked me about my recent, past, familial and mental health. She didn't negate any information I gave her (as Western trained Doctors sometimes do) and told me why I was husband had been ill for years and had recently-to this appointment- died and the resulting tension had left me run down and tense.

She treated me twice a week, then once a week for a couple of months. Within no time at all I was no longer needing any painkillers (only heat patches derived from natural, herbal sources and a medicinal compound taken orally for my general health).

I have been free of pain now for around 4 months.

I continue to See Dr Zhu on a weekly basis at the moment as my system is still  a little low. I didn't start to grieve until 6 months after my husband died ...there was to much to keep me preoccupied before grief turned into physical symptoms of fatigue, lethargy, palpitations and anxiety. I started taking Prozac on my G.P's recommendation. This I dreaded as I knew the worsening of the anxiety symptoms in the first few weeks of treatment would mean a course of Valium as well. I saw Dr Zhu about the same time. She reassured me that all would be fine and that the Prozac would help the treatment she was giving me. She calmed me with acupuncture, soothed my sleeping patterns with a herbal tonic and boosted my energy with Ginseng. I never did need the Valium. It's still at home.


But more than this, and this is the most important part, she listened to me. My anxiety took the form of a neurosis about my health. M.S. M.E. You name. I thought I had it.

Not once did she pooh-pooh me. She understood. She reassured me. Even on days when I couldn't think straight and she herself was looking tired, she never once let me leave her consulting rooms without giving me cause to smile through her reassurance.

She has become a trusted friend to me and my family. I"m well enough to look after my two teenage daughters who have lost their father, my parents no longer worry them selves to sleep over me.

I'm going back to work and, some days, am looking forward to it and I've lost two stone in weight!

Nowadays, when I look in the mirror, I see me.

Thank you, Dr Zhu

Anne Spencer, Swansea

I have been attending Dr Zhu's clinic for exactly two years, after a friend recommended her. I had been diagnosed as having menieres disease, an imbalance of the inner ear, which resulted in dizziness and sickness and the inability to stand up on the worst days. My consultant said that I would require an operation which would result in a loss of hearing in the affected ear, or alternatively I would need to take three tablets a day for life. So bad did the condition become that I had to cancel my summer holiday as I could cope with a two hour flight.


Having met Dr Zhu and had an initial examination, she felt she could treat the condition using acupunture and herbs and that she could cure my sickness. After just one session I felt less dizzy and by the third session I no longer had the giddiness I had been experiencing for such a long time. Within three months I made a ten hour flight to America without suffering any ill effects and to this day I am leading a normal life and undertake everyday activities without hesitation. I still attend for " top up sessions " and a course of herbal tablets and have recommended Dr Zhu to a number of friends and colleagues who have all benefitted greatly from her alternative treatments.

Peter Roberts, Pontardulais

I have Fibromyalgia which, along with many other symptoms, causes painful joints and chronic fatigue. I have been attending the clinic since June of this year. The pain in my joints is sometimes unbearable but having acupuncture from Limin eases the pain. I now find that after a session of acupuncture, I can lie down at night without chronic pain, especially in my shoulders. I have also found that if I go out, my recovery period is quicker than before, as I would ! spend up to a week in bed after going out for just an hour or two due to the pain and chronic fatigue. Limin has also treated my skin as I previously had a very bad skin condition that left me with redness and some slight scarring – all of which have improved with her treatment and is continuing to improve. I look forward to my weekly session of acupuncture as it helps so much with my pain. Equally, as important, is Limin herself. She is a lovely caring lady who has done everything she can to reassure me and treat my illness for which I will always be grateful.

Sophie Parsons, Swansea

When I first visited Limin I had had four miscarriages, with various tests at the hospital showing no reasons for this.  She advised me to wait three months after the last miscarriage, and to start treatment the month before I would like to be pregnant again.  I got pregnant for the fifth time after a month of treatment, and am due to deliver my baby very soon! I have found Limin’s support and reassurance invaluable, and of course my husband and I credit this successful pregnancy to her knowledge and skills.  I would not hesitate to recommend her.  Thank you Limin!

Rebecca Barker, Swansea

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